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Many of us feel so alone when experiencing miscarriage.  Some women don't know how to talk about what they've been though, some don't wish to talk about it all all.  Then there are others who actively seek out support from people who have been through it.  Those who have found support networks, be it online or in person, really value and appreciate those social circles. Chasing Rainbows Coffee Club has been set up for exactly this purpose.  To help those who've suffered miscarriage connect and provide a safe place for them to share their stories with others.

Rebecca Griffin set up Chasing Rainbows Coffee club in March this year after suffering a recurrent miscarriage:

"Chasing Rainbows started in March when we had our first meeting. It was an idea I had after my last miscarriage in June 2016. I was pregnant for the seventh time and was attending the recurrent miscarriage clinic since week 4 of my pregnancy. We put all our hopes and strength into this pregnancy and was overjoyed when at week 6 we saw a heartbeat. At week 8, I had another scan to check everything was going ok. No heartbeat was found, our baby had died"

Whilst attending appointments at the recurrent miscarriage clinic, Rebecca met and became friends with another baby loss Mama.  They connected through sharing their experiences and anxieties, providing support to each other.

"I met a lovely woman at the clinic, Emma, who is now a friend of mine. We would chat about our experiences, symptoms, worries etc.  I remember Emma talking about how tired she was and I was saying how the tiredness had worn off. Maybe alarms bells should have sounded then and deep down I think I knew. After my consultant confirmed a missed miscarriage, I walked out devastated. My husband was at work and I was on my own, we thought everything would be ok. I looked at Emma, she knew and was waiting with open arms.  A woman I had only met three times, but knew exactly what I needed."

Wanting to keep in touch, Rebecca and Emma met up the following month to catch up and continue supporting each other.  It was here that Rebecca thought up Chasing Rainbows:

"It's a coffee club that meets every couple of months where people can go and chat with others that share the same or similar experiences. Where you can cry if you want or laugh if you want and know you won't be judged or told how you should be feeling.  This is all new to me, I have never set up anything before and it is a little scary putting yourself out there. I have had great support and advice from the recurrent miscarriage clinic and Help Us Grieve "

It's so important that we don't feel alone during this difficult times.  I think Rebecca's coffee club is a brilliant idea to bring people together to meet and talk to others who've been similar experiences and know exactly how it feels.  So, why not pop along to one of these coffee dates? You might just find the support you've been looking for. To keep up to date with upcoming coffee dates, head over to Facebook and Twitter and give Chasing Rainbows Coffee Club a follow, say hello and share this lovely page and support network with others.

Next coffee meeting:

please keep an eye on the Chasing Rainbows Facebook page for details.

(Please message Rebecca either on Facebook or Twitter for venue details).

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