My name is Sam and I am from Manchester, England.  I am a wife, angel mother, nurse, cat lover and novice home baker.

I have been with my husband Martin for 13 years. We met when we were 16 working at a sports shop, and starting dating when were 18 after bumping into each other on a night out with friends.  We got engaged on Christmas day 2009 in Central Park, New York and three years later, on 1st April 2013 we found ourselves back in New York getting married with our closest friends and family.

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You be my Princess and I’ll be your Toad

My husband is an avid computer game lover and some of this has rubbed off on me over the years, mostly Nintendo games, more specifically Mario Kart.  Any Super Mario fan will know that Mario spends his time running through worlds trying to save Princess Peach from Bowser. A few years ago we came across a song called The Mario Kart Love song, which is about Toad’s love for Princess Peach and how he will protect her as they race around Rainbow Road.

We immediately fell in love with it, and it became ‘our song’.  So much so, we had our first wedding dance to it!

It really is a sweet little song, please have a listen.

As a wedding present, I asked one of our friends to make a painting that incorporated our New York wedding with the Mario Kart Love Song.  She did an amazing job, and it makes me smile every day.


I’ll follow behind you, along Rainbow Road

We had not long bought, renovated and moved into our first home together when we got married, and decided we wanted some time as a married couple before starting our family.  In August 2014, we began trying for a baby.  By January 2015 we were pregnant and over the moon, but sadly we had a missed miscarriage at 8 weeks.

By June, we were pregnant again, although this time more anxious than excited.  Those first 12 weeks were agonising, but once the 12-week scan came along and we saw that heartbeat and wriggling baby, we began to get excited again.  At 20 weeks, we found out our little boy was measuring worryingly small for gestation, and got referred to the Placenta Clinic at St Mary’s, Manchester.

At 23 weeks, we met the consultant and were given the heart breaking news that our baby was unlikely to survive, as the placenta was not functioning very well.  Two weeks later, our son died 25 weeks.  Guy was delivered naturally 2 days later on Friday 13th November 2015, weighing 265g.

Please read our full #misCOURAGE story on the Tommy’s website.  It’s quite a raw read, but documents our experience really well.

Protect you from red shells, wherever you go

Neither of us are particularly superstitious, but when we got married we joked about our wedding day being April Fool’s day and it being the year 2013 and there being 13 guests. We have somehow managed to find some humour and irony that Guy was born on Friday 13th.  Well, this is our 13th year together….

So here we are, Toad and Princess Peach on Rainbow Road, trying to safely cross the finish line without being hit by anymore red shells!